International Conference On

The Impact of Social Changes on English Language & Literature: An Overview of Past 100 Years”

On 7 & 8 February 2014

Organized by
The Department of English

Lingaya’s University
(Deemed University under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956)
Nachauli, Old Faridabad – Jasana Road, Faridabad 121 002, Haryana
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                                                  International Conference
“The Impact of Social Changes on English Language & Literature: An Overview of Past 100 Years”
7 & 8 February 2014
TISCELL 2014 – A 2-day platform for the Sociologists, Linguists, Literary persons, research scholars, teachers and the lovers of English language and literature to come together to analyse…
  • The social changes in the past 100 years and their impact on English language & Literature
  • The status of English language in the global context
  • The challenges of 21st century EL teachers & students

Concept Note
The number of Conferences on ELT in National and International level really inspires a person to look into the causes behind the recent rise of English language.  A research interest in this cause brings out the fact that though English came into public use centuries back, this colonial/commercial tongue came to the lime light during the recent past.  In the last few decades there has been a sudden awakening towards the importance and need of the EL acquisition all over the world. A daring attempt to look into the reasons for this mighty growth of English language into the status of an omnipotent language leads one to the fact that it is the emerging life style, social set up and global requirement that has fuelled this rise. The factors that made the society bring up English language to this status opens up as a highly significant topic for discussion.
Everybody thinks about the impact of language and literature on society; but here we reverse the order and call attention to how the social changes influence language and literature. It is the social requirements that raised English language to its present status. A glimpse into the background of it shows that the society underwent a lot of changes; and the impact of those changes resulted in the luring position of English language in the global context. A study of the past 100 years shows the various changes society faced in the field of industrialization, (information technology) technology, politics (administration), international crime, economy, education, gender equity, urbanization and globalization. The result of all these changes and challenges is globalization and the need of a common language for the people of this small village called world. For business, for education, for science and technology there was the need for a common language. Thus rose up the most popular language English to the status of global language. Now with the changing scenario in the utility and importance of English language there is a change in its form and structure that has occurred especially in the SMS, Email & Business writings.
It is an interesting phenomenon to look into the role played by society in promoting English language to its present unique status. It is also interesting to look into how this colonial language was adjusted and adapted to hold a mirror to the contemporary social changes & upheavals.  Any individual interested in learning English must know the interrelationship of the trio: the society, the language and the literature. Since it is an activity of global importance and interest, we have created the platform for an international conference on “The Impact of Social Changes on English Language and Literature: An Overview of Past 100 Years”
The proposed Conference on “The Impact of Social Changes on English Language and Literature: An Overview of Past 100 Years” (TISCELL-2014) on 7 & 8 of February 2014has the following objectives:
1.      To explore the relationship of Society with  language & literature
2.      To examine challenges in English language teaching & learning in current contexts
3.      To assess how people adapt English to reflect the social life
4.      To bring sociologists, linguists and literary people to a common platform to evaluate the role of English language in the immediate future
5.      To promote and inspire research on the status, scope and challenges of English language in the global context
 Sub themes:
1.       Impact of various social changes due to educational reformations, industrialization, technical advancements, political upheavals, women empowerment & women issues, MNC culture, globalization,  cross culture migration, economic status, social networking, & media  on English language and literature
2.       New writings in English and campus literature
3.       Challenges to the 21st Century EL learner & teacher
4.       Challenges for  literary people to create credible & convincing realities
5.       English as the language of the common mass; as a unifying force
6.       Adaptations, modifications & transition in the use of English language by the contemporary young generation
7.       Status of spoken & written English in the present scenario
8.       The  mighty status of English language
9.       Innovative methodologies for English language acquisition in & outside the class room
10.   Influence of media, especially news-papers, social networking, T.V. channels  on English Language
Any other theme related to the Conference topic can be taken for paper presentation.


1.       We welcome original full papers from students, Research Scholars, English faculty members, Sociologists and the lovers of English Language & Literature on any of the above mentioned subthemes or related topics.
2.       We also invite proposals for workshops on Innovative EL Teaching methodologies by experts from the field.  30 to 45 minutes will be provided for the workshop. The applicants should mention their requirements for the workshop in the proposal.
3.       An abstract of the proposed paper in about 200 words and the proposals for the workshops should reach to the email id or by 25 September 2013. The list of the selected abstracts and proposals will be informed by 30 September 2013. 
4.       The paper in Times New Roman 12 font (latest MLA style) constituting maximum of 2500 to 3000 words  on the selected sub-theme, with an Abstract in about 200 words and a short profile with all the necessary details should be sent to or latest by 15 November 2013.
5.       Each Paper presenter will get around 10-12 min for oral presentation of the paper.
6.       Registration may be completed by 16December 2013 by the candidates intimated for presentation.


1.       Highly renowned Speakers & Resource persons.
2.       Opportunity to interact with experts from the field of Linguistics, Literature & Sociology.
3.       Panel Discussion on highly innovative topics.
4.       A Reading Session on actual samples of writing by the prominent literary authors.
5.       Workshops on innovative essential topics with very useful tips.
6.       The selected best Paper presentations, the best FIVE papers and the most effective workshop will be awarded in the Valedictory function.
7.       Certificate for every registered candidate who attend the conference, who present papers and those who conduct workshops.
8.       No certificate in absentia.
9.       Publication of  papers  in book form with ISBN code.
10.    Digital version of the whole proceedings with the full papers to all the registered participants.


Abstract Submission
25 September 2013
Acceptance Notification deadline
30 September 2013
Full paper submission deadline
15 November 2013
Notification of review comments to Authors
Until 30 November 2013
Revised full paper submission Deadline and Registration
31 December 2013
Conference: LU, Faridabad
7– 8 February 2014


Arrangements can be made for accommodation in the campus as well as in outside hotels.  Please contact Ms.Preeti Sharma at  for all accommodation related matters.  We have a limited number of rooms available in the hostel.


One registration is applicable for two days. The charges include conference kit, conference proceedings, transportation, meals, refreshment etc.

Early Bird
(till 31 Dec 2013
Late (After 31 Dec 2013
Participants from Academics and R & D Institutions
U.G. / P.G. Students and Research Scholars
` 1500/-
Delegates from abroad
USD 80
USD 100
To submit your research paper:  or

Hon‘ble Patrons
·         Dr.Picheswar Gadde, CEO, Lingaya’s University
·         Prof. Mohd. Akhtar Siddiqui, Chancellor, Lingaya’s University
·         Dr.R.K.Chauhan, Vice Chancellor, Lingaya’s University

Advisory Committee
·          Dr.N.K.Kole, Pro Vice Chancellor, Lingaya’s University
·          Dr. G.Baskaran, Noted Indian Author,  Gandhigram Rural Institute [Deemed University] Gandhigram, Dindigul,
·          Dr.Usha Bande, Noted Indian author, Retd. Principal, Govt. College, Arki.
·          Dr.Vaishna Narang, Prof. of Linguistics, JNU,  Delhi
·          Dr.Amol Padwad, National Convener of AINET, Head, Dept. of English, J.M.Patel College, Bhandara
·          Dr.Lakshmi Kannan, Renowned Indian writer in English, Delhi.
·          Prof.(Dr.)Shefali Bakshi, Dy.Director, Amity School of Languages, Lucknow
·          Prof.Pashupati Jha, School of Humanities, IIT,Roorkee
·          Prof.S.V.A.V.Prasad, Dean, R&D, Lingaya’s University
·          Prof. Brijesh Kumar, Dean, Academics, Lingaya’s University
·          Prof.A.Nadir, Dean & Head, School of Electrical Engineering, Lingaya’s University
·          Mr.Dinesh Sadana, Administrator, Lingaya’s University
·          Mr.Rajan Mittal, Controller of Examinations, Lingaya’s University
·          Dr.R.N.Malviya, Chief Librarian, Lingaya’s University
Conference Convener
Prof.(Dr) Omana Antony
Head, Dept. of English
Lingaya’s University
Mobile No: 08800536225
            Organizing Committee Members
Ms. Anita Shourie         Ms.Rashmi Rani    Ms.Preeti Sharma
Dr.Rashmi Gupta          Ms.Sonia Sachdev


  1. Dear Dr Jeeven Kumar,
    Thank you very much for the latest and useful information about the seminar and conferences. I request you to continue your effort for the research and teaching community.
    Dr Somanchi Sai kumar
    Lecturer in English
    Govt.Degree & PG College
    Tekkali, Srikakulam District
    Andhra Pradesh India.

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  3. Dear Jeevan kumar
    Thank you for your information regarding the conference.please continue the same for helping the english teaching community.
    thanks & regards
    Asst.Professor of English
    GMR IT, Rajam, Srikakulam Dist. A.P.,


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