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Symposium on Teacher-Text-Student Interaction

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, JNTUH, Hyderabad  is conducting a two-day National Symposium  on  "Teacher-Text-Student Interaction"  during 13-14 December, 2013

Workshop on Communication Skills

Faculty Development Programme

Sadaa Third International Conference, 2014

Sadaa ® (Society for Analysis, Dialogue, Application and Action) (Regn. No. 254/Jaipur/2009-10) & Manipal University, Jaipur  (                                                                    organize a three day International Conference on the theme Language, Literature & Library: Disruptive Digressions & Digital Dimensions   (22-24 January, 2014) Sub-themes/ Areas of Focus / Key Words: Changing Roles of Teachers & Librarians Transforming Libraries & Librarians Embedded Librarian & Green Libraries Virtual Libraries Information Literacy Skills Data Repositories & Libraries Connecting Libraries, Classrooms & Curriculums Blended Learning, Flip Teaching, Hybrid Courses Personalized Education Learning Outcomes & Instructional Time Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing Teacher Talent v/s Technology Tool Dubbing, Translating & Subtitling Transcribing, Transcodin

International Conference in Garden City College, Bangalore

Post Colonial Voices in South Asian Literature and Cinema