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International Conference on English Literature

ELT@I Special Interests Group would be collaborating with TBAK College for Women, Kilakarai, Ramanathapuram District – one of the reputed institutions in Tamilnadu – is conducting an International conference on English Literature on 21-23 September 2012 – as part of its Silver Jubilee Celebrations.   Apart from plenary sessions, there would be symposia, panel discussions and paper presentations too. Ms. Chris Lima, Moderator, IATEFL Literature, Media and Culture (LMC) SIG has been invited to deliver the Keynote Address. I hope to meet most of you at the first face-to-face meeting of our SIG to be held there. Papers are invited on the conference theme-’Literary Studies: Current trends and Concurrent challenges’. The sub-themes are : 1.       The Feminist voices in Literature 2.       Literature of the Marginalized and the Subaltern 3.       Literature and Performing Arts 4.       Literature, Films and Visual Culture 5.       Problems of translation. 6.       Literature defining and defi

A Two Day National Level Conference on English Language and Literature: Across Cultures

Theme of the Conference The Conference highlights the importance of a language - centred appreciation of literature. It is predominantly orientated towards new perceptions of learning.  The thrust areas: • Evolving theoretical stand-points in l i terature and language. • Comprehensive analysis of literature and language in all its multiculturality. • The importance of language in the analysis of literature. • The influence of MNCs on English Language and literature. • Evolving new focus in English Language and literature research • A diagnosis of new, changing pedagogical stand point. • Scrutiny of literatures across cultures • The investigation of the impact of the MNCs on Indian creative writing • Literature as the multicultural mosaic. • Text in context(ual), Colonial, Postcolonial and feminist paradigms. • Cultural anarchy and ethical (im)balance as seen in literatures across cultures. • Translation Studies. Guidelines for Paper Submission Original contribution, including on-g

3-Day National Conference on Commonwealth Literature

3-Day National Conference: March 2012 organized by Department of English, Patna University & Indian Society for Commonwealth Studies Venue: Patna University, Patna Tentative Dates: 14-16 March 2012 Theme:  Commonwealth Literature: New Dimensions           New Literatures, being produced in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Africa, Canada and Australia are both varied and rich. The three-day conference will take stock of contemporary Commonwealth writing and critically assess its contribution to the world literature. As the conference is interdisciplinary and comparative in its import, papers are welcome from sister disciplines/ departments on themes having a close bearing on the following sub-themes: (a) Indian Diasporic Writing (b) Women’s Writing                                      (c) Adivasi and Aboriginal Writings (d) Protest in African & African-American Literatures                 (e) Literatures of the Indian Subcontinent      Papers are welcome on any of the sub-them


The Department of English at Sri Venkateswara University was established in the year 1959. It started with M.A. course giving emphasis to British Literature with exclusive courses on Shakespeare and Milton. Stalwarts like Prof. M.V.Rama Sarma, the Miltonist and former Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof.Viswanathan,the Shakespearean scholar shared their literary and academic excellence for the growth of the Department. The Department has so far produced 106 M.Phils and 99 Ph.Ds. These scholars occupy many exemplary academic and administrative positions in India and abroad. At present the department offers courses on Indian Literature, American Literature, New Literatures, Comparative Literature, Women's Writings, Translation Studies, and ELT besides British Literature for P.G and Research programmes . Probably, it is the only Department that offers exclusive courses on short story in Indian Universities. The Department has so far successfully completed many major and minor re

National Seminar on Mother Tongue & Literature as Resources in the English Language Teaching (UGC Sponsored)

Theme of the Seminar : Mother Tongue and Literature play vital role in the teaching and learning of English Language. The influence of mother tongue is proved both positive and negative in the teaching and learning of English. A learner’s L1 is an important determinant of second language acquisition. The L1 is a resource which learners use both consciously and subconsciously to help them arrange and rearrange the L2 data in the input and to perform as best as they can. Stibbard : (1969) argues that the first language is a ‘valuable resource‘ and “ Its use in EFL settings is not detrimental to foreign language development”. Insisting on keeping English only as the medium to learn English , even when students don’t understand what is being said ,may lead to discouragement and frustration of the learners . We shall use English as long as the students understand it well enough to get the message, and insist on their using it as long as they can get their message across . Otherwise the Lan

UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Reflective Practice in the English Classroom

S.S.K. Basaveshwar College of Arts & Science, Basavakalyan, Karnataka, invites you to a three day UGC sponsored National Seminar on Reflective Practice in the English Classrooms that is going to held on 2nd to 4th March, 2012.  Themes of the Seminar :  Professional Development Programmes for ESL teachers in India: Strengths and Weakness Self Monitoring/Self Observation of Language Lessons Teacher Support Groups Best Practice in ELT The Role of the English Teacher New Technologies and Teacher Development Call for Papers : Papers including abstract should not exceed 5 to 6 pages types neatly in double space on A4 size paper in MS-Word with 12 font size in Times New Roman Type Name/Names of the author, contact details have to be mentioned. The hard copy & soft copy of the paper should be sent to Prof.D.T.Angadi, Seminar Convener, S.S.K.B. College, Basavakalyan Dist, Bidar, latest by 20th February 2012.  Delegation Fee : Registration fee of Rs.600/- for each par

National Seminar on Ecology and Literature

Sir Sayyed College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Aurangabad, is organizing a two-day national seminar on Ecology and Literature on 8th and 9th February, 2012.  Sub Themes: 1. Environmental Studies 2. Theoretical Paradigm of Ecology 3. Myths, Culture and Ecology 4. Significance of Ecology in Religion 5. Impact of Globalization on Ecosphere 6. Represent of Nature in Literature 7. Ecofeminism 8. Ecological Literature The Papers should be mailed to .  Registration fee Rs.500/-. Accommodation for out stationed participants can be arranged on their request.