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International Humour Conference

H U M O U R : T E X T S / C O N T E X T S
6 - 8 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 3

Theme and Theme-note of the Conference:
The theme of the conference is Humour: Texts, Contexts. Humour is a ubiquitous aspect of culture that has been largely neglected in the academic domain, but recently salvaged by Cultural Studies. The conference will highlight the interdisciplinary relevance of humour research, from the perspectives of literary studies, education, psychology, anthropology, sociology, politics, religion, philosophy, business, healthcare, and others. There will be invited lectures on the various facets of humour, its functions and relationships, on humour theories, and how humour varies according to culture, age, gender, purpose and context. Papers and poster presentations will be invited from academics, scholars and students from various universities and departments across the country under the following sub-categories:
1. Types of Humour
Jokes, Practical h…

ELTAI International Conference

Dear English franternity,

8th International and 44th ELTAI Annual Conference  18-20  July 2013 SRM University,Chennai.  Theme: 21st Century Learner: Learning Styles and Strategies'.
Confirmed speakers  1. George Pickering - British Council 2. Janet K Orr - RELO 3. Hayo Reinders - Bangkok  4. Diane Millar - RELO 5. Kapil Kapoor - Ret. Prof. JNU

Last date for submission of Abstracts 20h June 2013. ELTAI Best English (Language/Literature) Awards.  Self-Nomination Form and full details available at For conference updates visit our conference site