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Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall

Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel, the winner of 2009 Man Booker Prize, is a British novelist, short story writer, and critic.   Ranging in subject from personal memoir to historical fiction, she has travelled to many and varied areas in her fiction.   With a satirical voice resentment of Muriel Spark and a bleak and darkly inventive imagination, she has dealt with the French Revolution, the world of freakshows and life in distant, troubled lands.   She is “detached and distant observing with an acute eye the tragedies and horrors of human feelings, of evil, and of the impotence of all attempts to impose order upon the world.” Hilary Mantel’s latest novel Wolf Hall is an extraordinary piece of storytelling about power, both political and supernatural, in which Cromwell manipulates the invisible web of profit just as disgruntled priests conjure up expedient prophets.   It discusses the barbaric age of early England, when persons like Thomas More and subsequently Thomas Crom