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9th International Congress on English Grammar
We are elated to host the 9th International Congress on English Grammar in VIT University, Vellore following the successes of the first eight congresses in previous years (1st ICEG 1999, 2nd ICEG 2004, 3rd ICEG 2005, 4th ICEG 2007, 5th ICEG 2008, 6th ICEG 2010, 7th ICEG 2011,8th ICEG 2012). The Congress aims to promote interaction and discussion among researchers interested in the fields of English Grammar, Lexicography, English Linguistics, English Language Teaching, and Information and Communication Technology in Language Teaching.
Congress Theme LEXICOGRAMMAR and the New Millennium Learners
Course: ICEG 2013 2 - 5, Jan 2013
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[ Registration Form ] Important Dates Last Date for Submission of Abstract
31 October 2012Notice of Acceptance - Abstract
12 November 2012Deadline for Registration : Paper Presenters
20 November 2012Deadline for Registration : Participants
3 December 2012Deadline for Submission of Full Paper
20 Nov…
ICT in English Language Teaching (ELT) in a Globalized (Cyber) World: Challenges & Remedies 

The contemporary world today has become a family, thanks to the spawning wings of Information & Communication Technology (ICT). We live in an age where things change fast and we also try to accommodate with the same pace.  This once again has become possible because of the nitty-gritty of ICT. But as we go global, we come across many issues which we are unaware of and often land ourselves in the midst of confrontation, chaos and conflict because of our unfamiliarity with various subjects, sensitive at times.

Nowadays, changes are quick and inevitable. The need to teach in general and teach to English Language effectively in particular is the challenge before all of us. Now, it has become mandatory for the academicians to rethink and revamp their teaching strategies with the changing times. We endeavor to plan an anthology to cater to the growing needs of all concerned who…