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3-Day International Conference

3-Day International Conference: September-October 2012 organized by Department of English, Patna University & Indian Society for Commonwealth Studies Venue: Patna University , Patna Tentative Dates: 29 September-1 October 2012 Theme:  Commonwealth Literature: New Dimensions            New Literatures, being produced in India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Africa, Canada and Australia are both varied and rich. The three-day conference will take stock of contemporary Commonwealth writing and critically assess its contribution to the world literature. As the conference is interdisciplinary and comparative in its import, papers are welcome from sister disciplines/ departments on themes having a close bearing on the following sub-themes: (a) Indian Diasporic Writing (b) Women’s Writing                                      (c) Adivasi and Aboriginal Writings (d) Protest in African & African-American Literatures                 (e) Literatures of the