(25th – 26th March, 2015)

Palamuru University, Mahabubnagar, Telangana State, was established in 2008 to promote higher education. Though a budding university, it offers 17 different Courses to cater to the educational needs of several students of the rural background especially. The Department of English, since its inception, has been striving hard to fulfill the language and literary requirements of the students. It also focuses upon exploring new areas of research besides teaching and learning.


The sphere of Indian Writings in English spans very ample and wide. It not only incorporates the Literature(s) written and translated into English, but also is expanding its area into various fields like Partition Literature, Dalit Studies, Gender and Women Studies and Culture Studies making Theatre and Film Studies part of it to name a few broadly.
            Literary scene of Indian Writings in English has come along by the British colonization to a large extent in the beginning, and further, to pave the way to the upshots of globalization. These Western ideologies, their laws, political beliefs, moral concepts,  further to add, working methods, even eating habits and more importantly  indigenous  cultural values also were shaped and reshaped in the subcontinent to suit to the western concept of human existence. Eventually,     it was reflected in the writings of the elite section in English with few exceptions here and there. For the holistic vibrancy, Indian Writings in English is to reflect the regional Indian literature(s), and its ethos from time to time.

Besides, there prevailed a perplexed condition wherein the literary milieu of Indian Writings in English, no doubt, is tenacious in its nature with those of few English educated elite group of India. Even these writings were juxtaposed with the real image of India with that of western image of India and Indians. In addition to this, there reflected another approach with the literarily constructed India; groping in between the real image and the presumed image of India by the West.  The academic dichotomy always lies in these grounds whether Indian Writings in English could reflect the conditions of the sub-continent truly or not. 

            To add up another fact, the Indian Writings in English was broadly thrashed under either the realm of post colonial literatures or analyzed and interpreted with western critical ideologies academically. The alternative writings, the experimental avant-garde and counter culture movements are more to be reflected in these literature(s).

Hence, the Seminar focuses upon the following sub-topics of the Seminar theme.


·         The Creative Image of India in Indian Writings in English
·         The Difference between the Voices of Partition and the  Represented Voices of Partition
·         The Concept of Indian Translation
·         The Diasporic Writings — Reminiscences
·         The Ruminations from Dalit Writings
·         The Dissimilarities between the Depicted Images and Real Women’s Voices
·         Images of Family and Society as True Representations of Indian Society
·         The Concept of Glocalization in Indian Writings in English
·         Culture and Identity Issues in Indian Writings in English in all their Creative Gamuts
·         Any Relevant Theme(s)

The Seminar looks forward to a critical debate and invites participation of scholars with stimulating papers. All the prospective participants are requested to send the abstracts of their papers in about 300 words by 5th March, 2015. An email response would be sent by 10th March, 2015. Participant(s), whose abstract(s) is/are selected, would then have to email their full paper(s) by 20th March, 2015. The Research Papers are expected to be in about 2000-2500 words, written in latest MLA style on the topics / areas mentioned above. Selected papers would be later published in a book form.

We request all the participants to email their Abstracts and Papers in MS Word file as attachments to the email ID mentioned below. Both Hard and Soft copies of Abstract(s) and Full paper(s) are required to be submitted in Times New Roman font, 12 points, 1.5 line spacing on standard A4 paper size. The participants are also requested to fill up the attached registration form and send it with a Demand Draft of Rs.500/--(Rupees Five Hundred only) in favour of Convener, National Seminar, Department of English, Palamuru University, Mahabubnagar by 17th March, 2015.Those who need accommodation must indicate along with their abstract(s) by 17th March, 2015, so that we can do the needful.

Mahabubnagar is well connected by road, rail and air (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad). It is 90 kilometres away from Hyderabad.

Important Things to Note:

Dates of the National Seminar                                    :    25th & 26th March, 2015                               
     (Wednesday & Thursday)
Last Date for Submission of the Abstract                  :     05-03-2015
Intimation of Acceptance of the Paper                       :     10-03-2015
Last Date for Submission of the Full Paper                :     20-03-2015

         DD for Rs.500/- (Rs.200/- for Student Scholars)       :     In favour of Convener, National Seminar,  
                                                                                                                       Dept. of English,
                                                                                                                       Palamuru University, Mahabubnagar 
                                                                                                            (Payable at: SBH, Raichur Road 
                                                                                                             Branch, Mahabubnagar-509001)

Last Date to send the DD                                           :     17th March, 2015

All abstracts and full papers should be sent
to the following Email ID                                           :     otsrrpu@gmail.com

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