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Dr. L P Mahawar , , +91 9414280324

Sadaa National Conference on Film & Theory, 2013


(Society for Analysis, Dialogue, Application and Action)

(Regn. No. 254/Jaipur/2009-10)

 organizes a three day
National Conference

on the theme

Cinematic Codes: Concerned Communications
(26-28 September, 2013)

Sub-themes/ Areas of Focus / Key Words:

Language of Films
Signs & Symbols in Films
Language in Films
Film as a Pedagogical Tool
Films for Change
Theatre & Films
Films & Narration
Films & Class-Conflict
Films & Gender Perspectives
History in Films and History of Films
Mainstream & Alternative Cinema
Key Issues and Concerns in Alternative Cinema
Folk Lore, Myth & Films
Backdrop & Locale in Films


Subodh PG College, Jaipur-302004 (Rajasthan), India

 Speakers @ the Conference:

Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh
Prof. Rajul Bhargava

Concept Note: Films transcend national language. The language of cinema, language-like character of cinema and the treatment of language in cinema need special attention and investigation. With the recent development of interest in the semiology of cinema, it is imperative to decipher all the three modes of sign, indexical, iconic and symbolic, in order to get to the mission of total, all-inclusive or comprehensive aesthetic pleasure that cinema aims at and to study the decoding process of the aesthetic mandate of a film by the audience. Keeping all these in views, this conference seeks to explore, sort and bind the hitherto unattended links in the area. An interface of academicians and film/ theatre personalities, reviewers or critics to discuss different aspects is also stipulated.

 Sub-themes other than the listed can also be included and a separate panel can be arranged if a group of 5 delegates is formed/ registered.


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